Century Health Solutions, Inc. is a preferred provider organization (PPO). A PPO is an organization that contracts with providers of medical care, referred to as preferred or participating providers. Members/patients are encouraged to use network providers in order to gain better benefits and higher levels of coverage. Preferred providers have agreed to a discount for services and to submit claims for members/patients. Each provider must meet our credentialing requirements and is frequently reviewed to help ensure the quality of care you have come to expect. The PPO is offered through insurance companies, employers, group health plans, and other organizations.

Century is not an insurance company. Questions related to member eligibility, benefits, and claim payments should be directed to the payer or third party administrator shown on your identification card. A payer is an entity that pays for and underwrites coverage for health care expenses. A TPA is an entity that administers group benefits, claims and other services for a self-insured company or group. A TPA does not underwrite the risk for health care expenses.

If you need assistance with identifying your payer or TPA, please contact our office.